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      Leaf Removal

      Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance performs leaf removal for residential and commercial properties. We clean up established properties near Allentown, Emmaus, New Tripoli, and Kutztown in Pennsylvania.
      It is important to clean your leaves up when they fall onto your property to avoid damaging your lawn. Excess leaves on the lawn, blocks sunlight and reduces water evaporation. Not performing a leaf removal, will cause fungus, mold, and disease. These things alone can wipe out a lawn in a year or two.

      A healthy lawn can take a hit and bounce back, but a stressed lawn can be sent over the edge if leaf debris is allowed to sit for a period of time. Letting leaf debris sit can leave you reseeding your entire lawn in the spring which can be expensive! Wet, decomposing leaf debris can also be a breeding ground for insects on your property.
      Fresh Cuts has the professional equipment needed to take care of removing leaves and pine needles off of your property. On a normal occasion when we are called in for a leaf clean up, we use our professional grade leaf blowers to blow out all of the leaves from your flowerbeds and hard to reach places.

      After that is complete we have a leaf vacuum that sweeps up all of the leaves lying on your property. The leaves that are sucked up in our vacuum are either stacked on a pile on your property, or taken away to a local facility for disposal.

      Forget being outside for days using leaf rakes and wheel barrels to try to keep your lawn looking nice, hire Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance to take care of the back breaking work for you!


      Leaf Removal Allentown,PA Before

      Leaf Removal Allentown,PA After