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      Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance provides new lawn installations and renovations to customers in Allentown, Orefield, Emmaus and surrounding areas in the Lehigh Valley. Do you have worn out turf that isnt salvageable or are you building a new home? Fresh Cuts has you covered! If you are a customer with a worn out lawn beyond repair, we take the necessary steps in getting your yard into shape. If your property isnt salavageable we actually kill off what’s left of your lawn and start over. It’s usually a good idea to bring in top soil and grade it out across the property. This is a great time to fill in any holes or low spots on your property. After spreading top soil through out your property, we seed all of it fairly heavy for the best chance to get the grass seed to germinate.(We typically choose conventional seed and straw to install new turf.) To top the installation off, straw is spread out over the seeded soil. The best time of year to install grass is when the temperatures are cooler in the year. These times of year are in the spring and in the fall. Along with cool temperatures, water is necessary for a healthy lawn to grow.
      If your lawn is repairable.

      Alot of yards are repairable through our fertilizing and weed control programs, also through aerating and overseeding. These programs can take a worn out patchy yard, and turn it into to a thick green lush lawn. Call Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance for a in person consultation to evaluate the condition of your property and set up a lawn restoration program to achieve a healthy lawn.