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      Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance provides commercial snow removal to customers in Allentown, PA. Our snow removal consists of keeping our commercial parking lots clear, so our customers can do business and prevent any slips or falls during a snow/ice event.

      We provide snow shoveling in front of garage doors, side walks, and stairways so our customers don’t have to lift a finger! Before, during and after a snow event, salt will be put down on the parking lot to be sure there aren’t any icy patches that you or your customers will slip or fall on.

      For side walks and all concrete surfaces, we apply a nitrogen deicer to melt ice/snow. This nitrogen deicer is safe for all concrete surfaces, and will prolong the life of your sidewalks. Rock salt should NEVER be applied to any concrete surfaces due to being very destructive.

      Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance can handle all of your snow removal needs!

      Snow Plowing Fogelsville PA