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      Fertilization and Weed Control

      Fertilization and weed control programs are a key factor to a healthy lawn. Our special programs are designed to produce superior results.

      These key stages are performed through out the year yielding optimal lawn results:

      • Pre-emergent Herbicide
      • Herbicide Spray
      • Fertilizer
      • Grub control
      • Over seeding

      Every plan provides essential nutrients and extensive protection for your lawn. We use a combination of granular and liquid products to tailor to each application. Every lawn is different, below you will find some of our services we offer.

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      Lawn Care Allentown, PA

      Fresh Cuts Lawn & Turf Plan

      Lawn Care Services include:

      Crabgrass pre-emergent with fertilizer. Weed Control, Fertilization , Aeration, Grub Control, Insect Control and Over-seeding.
      Our Professional team will put together a strategy to bring out your lawn’s best.

      Lawn Analysis

      Evaluate your lawn soil condition * Soil tests * Inspect grass types and lawn usage to determine your lawn’s special needs.

      Pre-Emergent & Weed Control

      Apply Pre-Emergent in Spring * Weed Control in early Summer * Prevent and Eliminate the spread of notorious weeds (Dandelion, Clover, Thistle, Plantain, Speed well, etc.) Weed Chart


      Apply a slow-release granular formula at key points during the growing season to feed and maintain growth.

      Aeration and Over-Seeding

      Remove small plugs in the lawn to Aerate the soil and increase the flow of water and air, allowing nutrients to get to rootzone. Bare, light and thin areas of turf are then filled in with a premium grass seed.

      Grub Prevention and Insect Control

      Keep grubs and Insects from feeding on your lawn and killing large areas of grass. Inspect it in the fall, and treat if necessary.