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      Lawn Aeration

      Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance services properties with core aeration near Allentown , Orefield , Breinigsville and surrounding areas in the Lehigh Valley. Aerating is recommended twice a year, in the spring and fall time. Aerating your property helps to build your turf, especially if you are using our fertilization and weed control programs.

      What is Aerating?

      Take a deep breath… then breathe out. That is what your lawn is doing when you complete a core aeration on your property. Lawn aeration is the process of removing small cores from the turf to reduce soil compaction and promote healthier root growth. This is done with a commercial core aeration machine that pulls plugs out of the ground.

      What are the benefits of Aeration?

      • Relieves soil compaction
      • Lets fresh air into the root system
      • Enhanced soil water uptake
      • Allows fertilizers to go directly into the root system of the turf
      • Improved heat and drought stress tolerance
      • Allows thatch to break down

      Allow Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance to enhance your property and give it that curb appeal you have been looking for!